We live and breathe design, for us collaboration with a client is more important than money. From budget to high end luxury projects, in order to impart working flexibility to clients, we principally work on three modules:
• Design & Execution.
– From conceptualization to execution, we take care of every minute detail that is a part of the interior designing process. We make sure that we sum the entire process within the stipulated budget. Best interior designers in Chandigarh give this flexibility to clients in order to ensure a hassle free process.
• Design only
– Retail therapy is something that works wonders for one and all. We often come across clients who are more than keen to indulge in the execution part of interior designing, for such client we work on design only projects.
* Execution only
– Now there is also a set of clients who are too sure of what they want in terms of design although they prefer avoiding the hassles of the efforts that go into execution. Considering the requirements of clients, we work on execution only module too.

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